Visible and Invisible blessings

I’ve not posted in a really long time because to be honest I haven’t felt it appropriate to post my griping and complaining, even if it was justified, on here. Also, I really wasn’t in a place to post when God felt so far away. However, God has been teaching me now to be grateful for what I do have…and I felt it appropriate now to post about these.

Visible  Blessings

God has been teaching me that I have been overlooking what He has visibly given to me as blessings, blessings such as a new job,   my family, friends, coworkers, and managers. Blessings such as having enough food and water each day, being (fairly) healthy, electricity, good weather (today), and more.

God has also blessed me spiritually with salvation through Jesus, an awareness of sin patterns in my life that I need to change, the right to be called His child and heir, tastes of His goodness and grace, and the list goes on!

Invisible Blessings

God has also been teaching me that I have been overlooking some invisible blessings. What are they, you may ask? Well, according to the Nancy Leigh DeMoss book “Choosing Gratitude,” they are blessings which cannot be seen, or troubles or trials that God has graciously spared [us] from. Things that God has graciously spared me  from are not having car trouble in a long time, getting to and from places without getting an accident, no cancer, no terrorist attack in our city,  no drive-by shootings in our town, and more. Also, I have the freedom to worship God without fear of jail time or torture. This has also prompted me to pray for those people experiencing these trials and problems, perhaps even right now. If you are in the throws of a trial or have experienced one or more of these, or other things that I have failed to mention,  know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
What are your visible and invisible blessings? Perhaps if we all (me included) were a little more grateful for what we had or stopped to think about how good God has been to us,  I believe 90% of all relational difficulties could be avoided or reconciled.  Now, I don’t discount that we all have difficulties sometimes not caused by us or any ingratitude, and I’m not saying being “grateful” is easy. It certain hasn’t been even for me, but it can be a choice (or even sacrifice) we can call choose to make.