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Don’t take people for granted

Death. Goodbyes.

They seem so final, so haunting. But why am I mentioning them in a post about not taking people for granted? Because often that is what God uses (at least in my life) as a teaching tool for us  not to take life, or more so, people in our lives for granted.

I confess there have been times when I have taken people for granted or have never properly thanked them for what they have done for me. For example, before my brother left for school he used to fix almost all family computer problems and appliances and just cared for everyone in our family a lot. Now that he is gone, I realize what an impact my brother has had on my family and regret that I’ve never formally and properly thanked him. And many of my good friends are or have moved away, and I feel that I have never had the time to really tell them what an impact that they had on me. ( For those people and my brother, if you are reading this, I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and all the validation and care I have ever received from you. So, thank you.)

But I’m sure it’s not just me who has taken people for granted. Many of us probably do too, at least a little. Why is it that when someone dies that everyone takes the time to say nice things about them, but when they are/were alive people have the audacity to say nasty things to them or about them behind their backs? Why is it that we don’t properly thank people who have made a positive impact on us in our lives now  rather than wait until they are dead and can’t hear us anyway.

Also, I don’t want to sound morbid, but we are all going to die eventually. I know this is hard (also for me), but what if we lived each day as if it were our last day, and made a positive impact on others’ lives as if they were going to be gone from us either by death or by some other form of goodbye that day, because you never know if you are ever going to see someone again or not. We are not guaranteed to live the next day. Neither are they. So, let’s start today by thanking those in our lives that have helped us in any way, and making a positive impact on others’ lives before it’s too late.