A lot of my writings as you see are spiritual in nature. This is because I am a Christian, and my faith is my life.  If you are reading this page, I assume you want to know more about Jesus.

Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity. He was born of a Virgin, whose name was Mary. He lived a sinless, sacrificial life, wanting to do His Father (in heaven)’s will and to share His message of love and hope to others, but primarily the Jewish people. (He also did minister to Gentile (non-Jewish) people too though.).  Then, He was unjustly arrested and tried, even though He had done nothing wrong. He was then crucified, dying an excruciatingly painful death, both physically and mentally. People were mocking Him, beating Him up, shaming Him, and adding to His unspeakable anguish.  However, He willingly died for our moral misgivings (a.k.a: sins), so we could have a relationship with Him.  He was buried, and then rose again from the grave on the third day from Passover, which we now celebrate as Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. 40 days later, He ascended back into Heaven.

Jesus LOVES you.  Though He may allow you to suffer for a little while in life, not because He wants to hurt you, but because He wants to strengthen and grow your character. All He wants for us is the best for both Him and us.  So, if you are ready and willing to, and you have not yet accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, you can pray this prayer with me (and it’s  NOT the prayer itself that saves, but a heart in tune with the Spirit that is ready and wanting Him as Lord and Savior forever!):

Dear Jesus,

         You are a great, loving God. Unfortunately, I have done things my own way, instead of your best way.  I have sinned and done wrong in various ways, which is an affront against, first and foremost, you, but also the others involved. I now surrender my life to you, and I trust that only you can save me from the fires of hell.  By faith, I accept you as Lord and Savior of my life. Help me to live for you everyday. Amen.