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Why Not to Take People For Granted

I recently watched a video about a husband who wanted a divorce from his wife, but she had a request before he could go through with the decision—He had to carry her to the front door of their home each day for a month.  He did so, and as the days went by, she grew increasingly thinner. Something  also happened inside him, and he began to feel renewed love for his wife, even telling his lover whom he had an affair with that he no longer wanted to divorce his wife.  However, by that time, it was too late. His wife had died on his way back home to her.  She wanted her husband’s love so badly that she made him carry her just as he did when he first married her. The thing is that her husband did love her in the end, but it was too late for her to know that. You can see this video at:

I am not married, but this video can apply to all of us, married or not.  After I watched this video, I almost cried because I thought about all the people that were hurting in my midst, that I didn’t know about, some of whom I had taken for granted. 

I’m speaking to myself, as much as I am to you, the reader, but I beg you—Do not be that husband in that video who almost divorced his wife and was too late in appreciating all the things she did for him.  Do not be the parent, child, friend, employee, teacher, student, or boss that realized too late what your loved ones and those who cared about you have done for you.  Do not be so busy with life, or your own self-serving desires that you emotionally and psychologically kill the souls of those who you love the most.  Do not be so self-absorbed in your own little world that you forget the needs and the struggles of those around you. 

If we don’t appreciate all that has been given to us—the things that we failed to appreciate will be taken away from us.

For our family–Do you have a wife, husband, father, mother, or child that serves selflessly for the entire family without expecting anything in return? Has a family member or members sacrificed everything for your happiness and joy? Do not think that they will always be able or willing to do that for you. Do not take them for granted. Sincerely say to them, “Thank you and I love you. I appreciate all you have done for me.”  Treasure them as greater than anything that this world has to offer.  Be willing to serve them with no expectation of return. Be willing to sacrifice your life for them.

For our friends—Do you have a true, blue friend who doesn’t leave you when you face troubles or trials in life, always encourages you to be your best, and who loves you as you are?  Do not take advantage of them for your own selfish desires—lest you lose someone great and wonderful!  Thank them, and be willing to return the favor should such an opportunity arise for you.  Treasure them as more valuable than gold or silver. Be a friend to them.

For our co-workers—Do you know a fellow co-worker who has always helped you out when you were in a snag? Do you know an employee who consistently goes above and beyond, not only for their own benefit, but for the good of the whole company?  Thank them.  Bosses, you don’t have to give them extra perks, or treat them better than others.  Bosses and employees—take the time to appreciate those who make your work life something that you can enjoy or, at least, make more bearable.  Do not wait until the employee quits, gets transferred, or somehow leaves the company to let them know how much you appreciated them or to realize how much they contributed to your life.  Notice these people now, before it is too late for you—and for the company you work for.

For our teachers —Is there a special teacher or teachers that have positively impacted your life? Do not wait until it is too late to thank them for the impact they made in your life. Let them know they are appreciated and that you are learning valuable life lessons from them.  Often, teachers get the brunt of the blame and criticism when things go wrong, but when they do something good, it is either brushed aside, or it is barely noticed.  Thanking them and doing what you can to show you care for them will keep these teachers motivated to keep doing the good they have done.

Who in your life have you taken for granted? Who in your life do you need to thank? Take time to thank them today. If we take time to appreciate each of the people in our lives that has positively impacted us, not only will the other person feel loved and valued, but you will also have the joy  and peace in knowing that you said everything that you needed to say—before it was too late.

15 thoughts on “Why Not to Take People For Granted”

  1. oh my gosh Patricia this is such a wonderful reminder… sometimes I get so busy I find I’m using that as an excuse to not give back as much as I should & take advantage of the fact that someone will always be there for me… & I would be just sick if I took them for granted so much that we lost our friendship!


    1. I’m glad that my post helped you realize some important life lessons. Sometimes, others help me realize some things too.


  2. I’ve never taken advantage of anyone in my life. I’ve been the one who has been taken for several times. It makes me sick when I hear about someone else do it to one of my friends.


  3. I have always been sensitive and I always take care of the things I own …imagine how dearly I keep the people in my life! I love to catch up, thank people for even the littlest thing they do for me and always give a stupidly lengthy note on their birthdays to tell them how important they are to me. Still, you know people leave and it hurts but yes at the end of the day I am happy and grateful that some people won’t ever give up on me!


    1. Kanishka, I am glad that you take so much time to invest in people. I know it hurts when you are not acknowledged, but I believe all the good we do will someday be rewarded. This struggle reminds me of this verse: Don’t be weary of doing good, for in due season, we will reap if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9, my paraphrase).


  4. I sincerely believe this – “If we don’t appreciate all that has been given to us—the
    things that we failed to appreciate will be taken away from us.” That is why I live by the mantra to #ChooseLove each and every day in all aspects of life.


  5. I think it is extremely important to be thankful and grateful for the people in our life. By taking someone for granted we just undermine their value and ours too! Great reminder your post is!


  6. so true, and i have seen that video/read that story you mention as well and it never fails to tug at my heartstrings. while i do not take anyone for granted, i do need to learn to say thank you more often for those people who are always with me..


    1. Yes, I almost cried watching the video! That video can inspire us so much to value all the people around us even more!


  7. Such an important message to remind us to appreciate what we have, especially the people. As a recent widow, I know the shock of losing your rock. Wish I had expressed love more often.


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