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Lessons I Learned This Past Week

(*=Names have been changed for privacy reasons.)

written on 10/10/2018

Last week was up and down emotionally. When I was down, it was because work was more stressful than usual and I had forgotten about the good things in my life.  When I was up, things were better. Despite the highs and lows of the past week (and also this week), I went away learning three important life lessons.  These lessons are vital not only to one’s success, but also to one’s growth as a person.

Lesson #1—Never think that what you do is unimportant or worthless.

During this past week, I had a gnawing sense that whatever I did wasn’t good enough and was futile. This sentiment was fueled by a couple bad incidents where people were being rude and unreasonable to me. Thus, my thoughts grew so dark that I felt absolutely worthless to the world. However, the day after these bad incidents, a good friend of mine told me, “Do you know how many people look up to you?” Obviously, I didn’t think anyone really looked up to me, but her comment was encouraging to hear. Her comment also “woke” me up to the fact that what I do does make a difference to those around me. 

Then, I thought about the impact people have had on me. I think of my parents and brother, who have helped and supported me throughout most of my life, and have given me motivation to always do my best in life.  I think of my mentor J, who has believed in me so much that I am now able to do some things that I thought I would never be able to do. I think of all my friends that I have met through church, work, or other functions, and how they have each helped encourage me in their own way and have brought joy to my life. I think of my managers *Chris and *Elizabeth who have helped me so much to grow as a person and as an associate. Last, but not least, I think of you, the reader, who has helped encourage me to continue writing simply by choosing to read this blog.

I also thought about the people in my life who have impacted others. One of my managers, Kim* also thought that the job that she had done in my company was not always appreciated by others. However, one day, upper management wrote a note to her telling her what a good job she had done for a customer. Also, from the “Caught In Providence” page (Credits: Caught in Providence, ViralTrend), there was a judge that saw potential in a guy named Jose Jimenez about 20 years ago, who was battling alcoholism and drunk driving when he was 18, and warned him about the direction he was going. The judge asked Jimenez if he wanted to be dead or in jail, or if he wanted to be somebody. That was the wake-up call Jimenez needed to turn his life around. Now, Jimenez is a truck driver and a U.S citizen.  Never think that what you do well for others won’t have an impact. Just because you may never the see the fruits of your labor, doesn’t mean what good you did on this earth is worthless, because it is priceless!

Lesson #2—Everyone is a valuable creation, even yourself.

This ought to go without saying because it should be obvious, but your family and friends are valued creation because they are a good part of what makes your life worthwhile.  They also have the most impact on who you will become in life and can greatly influence how successful you will be in life. However, I think even your enemies are valued creation. I know we often do not want to think well of our enemies, and that concept is foreign in most value systems. However, our enemies can be valuable to us when we think of them in terms of what they can teach us.  For instance, I have learned from a lot of my enemies that not everyone can be trusted.  They have taught me the signs to look for in untrustworthy people (i.e  many people having their personality traits) and just to be careful when giving your heart to someone. I also learned not to take the bad things they said about me as personally as before, because their slander is more of a reflection of their character, not mine.  Our enemies can also refine us and make us stronger, more thick-skinned people.  They can be used to make us more compassionate people to others, and less like them.  You are also a valuable creation, because of the impact that you can have in this world every day when you wake up. You also can teach the world valuable lessons, not only about yourself, but about how one should live their lives.

Lesson #3-The people that are there for you are more valuable than gold or silver.

The people in my life that have impacted the most have either saved my life in some way, helped me persevere, helped me feel motivated to do better, or given me joy and/or God’s love.  One of them, my manager Chris* contributed to my life being saved one day.  I wanted to help him by working extra hours because he was so overwhelmed with only a few associates to help him, since many people had called off from work that day due to a bad snowstorm.  However, when he found out that I lived more than a couple minutes away from work, he, in essence, said, “I care about my associates. I would rather have you home safely, than worry about getting this work done.” Had he not cared about my safety, I don’t know if I would be here writing this post today.  I listened to him, and went on my way, also calling off the next day due to the snowstorm.  Another person that was there for me when I needed them was my friend Veronica*.  When I was feeling very depressed and hopeless because I was feeling stressed out at my now-previous job, she encouraged me to persevere and that helped me see that things would get better, and they eventually did.  One day when I was really upset, a friend of mine that attends my current church, sent me an encouraging forward with the header: “This is you,” and helped me see the beauty that she saw inside me.  This helped encouraged me to be able to get through the rest of the day.

These are the three main lessons I have learned this past week. I hope if you are feeling discouraged or don’t think what you do matters, that reading this will help give you the motivation and encouragement you need.  These lessons certainly gave me the much needed reminder of the fact that everyone impacts everyone else.  What you do matters. Make your life count today!

13 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned This Past Week”

  1. Patricia, I just love your keen observations about life – makes me think. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are all here learning, growing, and experiencing life. Sometimes we need other people or signs to remind us of our importance and to keep moving forward even when things seem difficult. I believe that nothing happens by accident and everything happens for a reason. I love that you identified these important moments and the people that were there when you needed them the most. Thanks for sharing your insights and know that you ARE valued.


    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, Ana. I am blessed to have a community of readers who are cheering me on and supporting me.


  2. This is such a thought-provoking and beautiful read, thank you so much for sharing your meaningful lessons with us. I really needed to read this post, this week has been a little rough and pretty testing on my emotions and well-being and I’m going through waves of self-doubt, unworthiness and negative thinking on top of my anxiety. Your valuable lessons are so lovely and relatable. So many of us feel “not good enough” or “unworthy” when really we don’t see how other people view us. Your friend was so right and what a lovely point she made about so many people looking up to you. It just shows that even when we don’t feel like we’re making an impact, we truly are in so many ways that are unknown to us. It’s so lovely upper-management wrote to your manager, telling her how appreciated her work was and what a good job she did. Moments like those are so uplifting to hear about 🙂 I really love the idea of turning a positive spin on our enemies too, so often it’s easy to be fuelled with anger and irritation by them but really as you say they’re just showing us how NOT to behave in life. Rising above is definitely the answer. Such a beautifully crafted post full of heart and soul! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply, Sophie. I agree with all that you have said. I am glad that you were encouraged by my post, and I hope that you will come away with more confidence and motivation to “go for it” in life!


  3. I’m so thankful I stumbled across this post. These past few months have been the struggle for me. Not only am I trying to finish my last semester of school, I was working four jobs on top of that. I began to think my work was good enough, for either school or a job, and I began to question everything. It felt like no matter how hard I tried or how much work I put into it, I just wasn’t doing enough. Thankfully, my grades and my colleagues/bosses reassured me otherwise. These are great points to remember when times start to get hard!


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