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written on 10/3/2018

— To everyone in my life who has believed in me


I felt alone for so long

I felt no one really loved me

Years of pain and hurt inside

I didn’t let anyone see


I was so torn and broken

I thought no one would love me

But my heart you would open

Healing the deep pain inside


You showed me abundant love

And gave me the strength to stand

Because you believed in me

And who I was meant to be

18 thoughts on “Godsend”

  1. This is a beautiful poem. My dog is a rescue dog, and it makes me think of how shy and afraid she was when I first met her, and how she’s changed as she has come to understand that she is loved. Now, she’s a beautiful, happy, healthy dog who loves her walks and her people!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Kate. I am glad that my poem reminded you of your beloved dog’s life journey. My brother’s cat has had a similar journey as your dog.


  2. It is very important to acknowledge people who have been in your life when you were at your lowest. I think this poem sends that message.


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