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Hope -a poem

-to everyone going through pain and hurt right now

When everything falls apart

When things start to unravel

When you are on your last rope

I still see a glimmer of hope


Because one day I almost died

In me, there was almost no fight

I almost missed that glorious light

But that bright light filled my soul


The light can also bring you much hope

If you let the brightness fill your soul

You will be able to see much love

And again your life will be made whole

19 thoughts on “Hope -a poem”

    1. Yes, absolutely! Some of my teen years, were the worst times of my life, but I am glad that God has brought me out of it stronger than ever before!

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  1. That is such a beautiful poem that everyone should be able to relate to. What would life be without hope? Something we all need and something that keeps many of us going in a positive and useful way.


  2. Wow. I definitely needed this reminder today. Sometimes we lose sight of what matters and can get lost in the negative and don’t realize that the light can bring so much hope. Great poem !


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