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Forgiveness    9/14/2018

Seeds of bitterness invaded my soul
A flaming rage was consuming me whole
Even a momentary glance your way
Evoked feelings of revulsion and dismay

But when I saw the agony you were facing
And the endless burdens you were carrying
The wrath burning in me melted away
The barrier that was between us gave way

My heart of wrath melted into one of love
Being able to give compassion to you
And give you forgiveness that was true
Because someone had forgiven me too

18 thoughts on “Forgiveness”

  1. It’s so much easier for people to hold to their disappointment and anger. It’s not easy to forgive and forget. It’s a lesson we have to learn over and over again.


  2. It’s sad how little it takes for bitterness to grow. We must be vigilant and constantly rid ourselves of the sour seeds we sow.


  3. I love this poem, sometimes holding grudges seem easier than forgiving but once that burden is lifted off of you it makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing xo – Kam


  4. Beautiful writing! Forgiveness is so important yet can be so hard sometimes but it’s always important to remember that we all make mistakes.


  5. This is such a perfect poem about forgiveness especially the last verse actually defines why one becomes capable of forgiving … Love this xoxo


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