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So Much Time

So Much Time– A poem written on 5/26/2018

I spent, oh so much time

Being angry and holding grudges

Against those I now love

Or the people I now rise above


I spent, oh so many years

Stumbling in misery and regret

I cried, oh, so many tears

Because I hadn’t conquered my fears


I spent, oh so much time

On things that have profited me none

But now I’m totally done

Done with throwing away precious years


I will spend these fewer days

On who will matter most to me

I will love them fervently

And let everything else on earth ,be

12 thoughts on “So Much Time”

  1. Awww this is inspiring. My friend’s father died this morning. It made me realize how precious time is. Now, I’m planning to spend the following days expressing my love for my parents.


    1. Karla, I am very sorry for your loss. Glad that this poem helped you in loving your parents better though.


  2. I love this poem. I got upset wiith a person today and your poem reminded me of the fact I shouldn’t focus on such petty things, as it’s a waste of energy and time. I just love your poems, they’re always so inspiring. 🙂


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