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Why Have Passion

It is the fire burning within our souls. It is the drive that motivates us to get up each day.  When it dies, our whole being dies with it. This fire, or passion, is so important to our daily lives because it is our motivator to fulfill our life’s purpose, to be able to accomplish great things in our lives, and to be able to feel joy and love for ourselves and others.

Without passion, we become apathetic and depressed. I remember when I was still looking for a job after college; there were days when it was so hard to be engaged in anyone or anything because I felt that any goals I made were never going to be realized any way. So, I didn’t make any.  I realize now what a mistake that was! I see so many people who do work, but are likewise apathetic and/or depressed, not only because they hate their jobs, but because they don’t really have a set purpose or goals in their personal lives as well.

However, after I got my current job and really started to work on this blog, I had renewed passion for life. I suddenly saw opportunities to help people to feel loved and to serve them.  When I joined a blogging group online, I had even more passion to really get to know the people (and world) around me better. This brought me joy, and as a result, I have had fewer episodes of depression.  I have found, at least for me, that when I am passionate about something ,such as helping others feel loved and valued, that I am more motivated to learn about life and the world around me.  However, when we become apathetic or fall into depression, our motivation to learn something new significantly diminishes.  I have found that when I fall into that state, that I just want to get things that I have to do “over “ with, and I don’t enjoy anything those things have to offer me.

Moreover, when I do things half-heartedly, I have found that I accomplish much less than if I did them with passion.  Often when we do things half-heartedly, we do the tasks quickly, but we do them less efficiently than if we did a more thorough and wholehearted job.  For instance, if I straightened the aisles in my area half-heartedly, I find that not only do I do it less efficiently, but I actually miss straightening certain spots!  However, if I did them with passion, with the intent of doing a good job, I not only do a much better job, I feel better about what I have accomplished. Doing things half-heartedly not only is less efficient, but it also leads to a spirit of apathy and laziness.  Also, when one does things half-heartedly, there is no real joy in getting the task accomplished. Yes, one may feel relieved, but I have found that there is no real sense of accomplishment of getting said task completed that there is when you do something with a sense of passion and hard work.

Finally, having passion in our life can motivate us to fulfill our life’s purpose. For example, when I am passionate about helping others feel loved, I am more motivated to think of as many things I can do and say to be an encouragement and a love to others. Even when a couple of people make this task harder, when I am focused on my passion of making others feel loved,  I find that I am more able to persevere on my life’s purpose and focus on what I want to accomplish. However, when I allow circumstances or distractions to extinguish my passion, I find that I am much less motivated to fulfill my life’s purpose, or even to get out of bed the next morning!

Having passion in our lives is vital because it motivates us to get up each morning, helps us fulfill our life’s purpose, helps us to work more efficiently and with excellence, and helps us feel content and fulfilled.  This passion should encourage us to live more positively for ourselves and others, and help us accomplish our goals.  What are you passionate about? What does your heart beat for? Please feel free to discuss in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Why Have Passion”

  1. As cliche as it sounds, I’m a believer of the saying ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ Most times it will be hard to put any effort into things we’re not passionate about.


    1. Very true….or if you don’t find passion in where you are at in life right now, it will be hard to be motivated to do anything!


  2. For a long time I felt my life was pointless, I was almost thirty with a poor job of a teacher, no family, no big success … I still have the same job and no family, but I started following my passions, and peole started perceiving me as an interesting person … and they hadn’t had a chance to see that before. 🙂


    1. Natalia for a long while, I thought my life was pointless too. I kept running into dead ends with my life. I was going nowhere. But then, I got my current job, met a lot of people, and somewhere around that time, started this blog. This has made a world of difference in my life as well! Great that you are able to follow your dreams now!


  3. If you love what you do then you likely to not to quite and be tired of your work and you will have a high chance of succeeding on what you are doing. My Passion is the powerful force that pushes me to live and be happy in life everyday.


  4. Agreed, you definitely should find passion in your work and the activities you do. It’s so important.


  5. Really well put. I’m trying to learn how to make my passion a bigger part of my life. I want to make a living off it.


  6. I could not agree more with this. I definitely struggle with passion in my life, passionso strong that I want or need to pursue it as a carreer. I’m still working on it though!


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