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Why There’s Hope When You are Alive

Disclaimer: No disparaging comments allowed, or they will be deleted. Thank you, and may hope fill your life.


As some of you may know, I have been struggling with depression since I was ten years old.  On Monday, I had such a stressful day at work (after working about twelve hours) and after a bad incident, I felt an overwhelming sense of shame for who I was as a person. I felt hopeless and ready to give up, or at least call off the next day. However, I kept going back to the fact that there were people in my life that needed me, and if I let them down, I would instinctively feel even more shame and self-hatred.  When I woke up the next day, despite getting only two hours of sleep, I felt a renewed sense of hope and peace.  I always tell people who are struggling with life the way I sometimes do that even if they feel that they can do nothing, that they still have hope just for being alive. Here is why I believe that is true:

The first reason why there is always hope for you on this earth as long as you are still alive is each day gives us the chance to change ourselves for the better. Yes, the process of change is often very difficult and often does not happen overnight. However, as long as you are still here, there is time to make at least a small change. For instance, if you are looking for a new job, you probably won’t get one the next day. However, the next day will give you the chance to start looking and to update your resume, so there will be a day when you will eventually get interviewed, and then be one step closer to getting a job.  For another example,  after the bad day at work on Monday, Tuesday was a day I said to myself that I would strive to be more positive and let go of the things that I wanted to control, but had to let go and let God.  As a consequence, Tuesday was an absolute contrast to Monday!

There is also still hope for you as long as you are alive because every day is a chance to learn something new.  Because I did not give up hope on Tuesday, after being tempted to on Monday, I was able to learn some of the following things, that may not seem significant, but nevertheless, gave me hope and brightened my day: a.) The last name of one of my managers.  b) How to straighten aisles better. c) That sometimes people are not as bad as I had previously thought. d) that I can be less stressed at work, even for a long day. (I had worked almost 12 hours again on Tuesday).  e) that setting up updated price tags is a very relaxing job for me.

Another major reason why there is still hope for you, as long as you are alive, is each day you are given a new opportunity to impact others’ lives for good.  Often when we are feeling hopeless and/or discouraged, we think that we can never do something good that will impact others again.  That is what I thought Monday night after work, and that is how depression speaks.  However, it is also a lie.  Even if you don’t think that your sincere apologies and attempts to change for the better won’t have an impact, you never know how profound your true humility will have on others.  This is what I found out on Tuesday.  If you feel discouraged because you have a certain disability or are so sick that it is difficult or impossible for you to even get out of bed, know that you still can persevere through your difficulties and, through a positive attitude, can cause others around you to think about what they have and can give others hope.

Finally, there is still hope for you as long as you are alive because of the beauty all around us.  I love that today (at least in my area), it is sunny and the weather is getting warmer. So, I hear the birds chirping, especially earlier in the day.  This is why, if you can, I would encourage others to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature around you.  Even in the city, there is often a park or an area where there are birds and or flowers or trees you can look at to enjoy their beauty. Apart from nature, there is also beauty in the way certain things are made. Have you ever wondered how a computer or a phone is made? Sometimes, I have, and we can either learn about that, or just enjoy all the functions of a phone or computer.

Sometimes, when people, places, or things bring us down, it can be difficult for us to look at all the positives of life, and we just want to give up and give in to our pain and hurt. However, I hope that even when we can barely see why we should be here, that we will remember that there is always opportunity to change ourselves for the better, that we can learn new things every day, that we can impact people around us for the better, and that we can appreciate the beauty around us….but we need to be alive to experience any of these blessings.   May hope and joy fill our lives, as we persevere through it all.


Note: If anyone reading this is feeling depressed or suicidal, please call 1-800-273-8255—There will be trained counselors at the other end of the line to support and care for you, or also you can read this:, which is where I also got the number for the hotline. Remember, there is always hope when you are alive!

21 thoughts on “Why There’s Hope When You are Alive”

  1. That’s such a wonderful article, and you even can’t imagine how much I needed it! It answered some questions related to my current life situation. 🙂


  2. What a lovely heartfelt post. I too suffer from depression and your approach is so good. Learning to change the way one looks at things is so important for managing in the dark days.


  3. Your post is so spot on. I hate that mental illness lies and tries to tell us otherwise. Thank you for the reminder that each day we are learning and making differences, even if we think otherwise.


  4. We should never be hopeless because we are not alone even if we think so. I am Christian and do believe God is with me at all times. Mental illness is a real thing but combined with faith and medical attention could be addressed for a better life and be hopeful.


  5. Thank you for this, I too struggle with depression and I’m so glad to hear these words. I was inspired to write something like this too a few months ago because I had been suffering from depression and didn’t even see the signs. Once I was able to identify the signs I was able to feel better and get help. Thanks again


    1. Sometimes, the signs are hard to see in ourselves, and I heard can even be manifested as anger and/or irritability.


  6. Lovely post and resonates deeply with anyone who suffers from depression. Looking forward to reading more from you


  7. This is such a moving blog post especially last month was tough for me. There are so many people around me that was connected to death – some suddenly passed and some took life on their own hands. I am so blessed and grateful everyday for being able to wake up, however, some don’t realised that and it is through a blog post like this that people need to see that there is always hope…there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. Jem, I am sorry that last month was so tough for you. Hopefully, this month will be better, and you will see more beauty and joy in your life. You are right–there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Glad you found hope in my post!


  8. That’s right that as long as we are alive there’s still some hope for us. Sometimes, I’ve got bad days when I feel that I didn’t really gain anything in life and I wonder how others deal with that. On the other hand, on better days I’m thankful for all the new experiences in my life. 🙂


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