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The Light -a poem

Pain ebbs from your soul

Till it threatens

To consume you whole

Hidden from the light


The light of revelation

The light bringing jubilation

All because of the fear of rejection

Buried somewhere deep inside


But God sees

Our private pain

That threatens

To drive us insane


He sees a hurting heart

And an aching soul

Begging to be whole

And feel loved again

He pushes us

To a place of healing

And a place of revealing

Our pain to the light

12 thoughts on “The Light -a poem”

  1. Such a simple poem about pain and God strengthening us to liberate us from that pain. Really short and sweet but meaningful. So true that we may get buried in the darkness of our sorrow but with words of God, awareness of His wisdom will bring us out.


  2. This is very beautiful and heart-touching poem. God is always there to heal us from our sorrows and pain. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of art. πŸ™‚


  3. Very well done. I really enjoyed the poem and even got a good laugh when I read your nickname on your about me page πŸ™‚


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