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I’m thankful for (a list)

The following list is inspired by the List that Ann Voskamp started, and also the list that my former pastor started. You can view my former pastor’s blog at:

I’m thankful for… (started 12/13/2011)

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. What Jesus did for me on the cross
  5. The resurrection of Jesus
  6. Mild winter (Note on 2/9/2018—NOT mild today! LOL, but this was on 12/13/2011!)
  7. The Word of God
  8. A nurse in the clinic I volunteer at ( items 1-8, written on 12/13/2011).
  9. 90% Christmas sale at Target (because I got a lot of good deals!) (written on 1/6/2012)
  10. A sunny, warm January day (1/6/2012)
  11. Good reads (1/6/2012)
  12. God’s mercy ( written on 2/6/2012)
  13. Good songs (1/20/2012)
  14. Knitting teachers (1/20/2012)
  15. Someone at my church teaching me how to do a French knot in cross-stitching ( written on 2/6/2012)
  16. Hope (2/6/2012)
  17. That God gives new life ( written on 2/11/2012)
  18. All my needs are met (2/11/2012)
  19. People that inspire me to be more and more like Christ (True today –2/2018 as well!) (2/11/2012)
  20. That my appendicitis was found (5/5/2012) before my appendix ruptured! (written 5/31/2012)
  21. That I am almost completely healed from my appendix operation (5/31/2012)
  22. That I have a good support system as of now (5/31/2012) (true today—2/2018 as well!)
  23. A bible study/small group/ community group to be a part of (written 10/9/2012)
  24. My dad and his help today (10/9/2012)
  25. Energy to do things (10/9/2012)
  26. Writing skills ( written on 11/18/12)
  27. Help from a friend at church (11/18/12)
  28. Pastor Frank and his sermon on Ruth (11/18/12)
  29. Another warm January day ( written 1/11/13)
  30. Stephanie’s encouragement (1/11/12)
  31. Time with God (1/11/12)
  32. God’s grace in my life (1/11/12)
  33. Thoughtful and generous family and friends ( written on 2/27/2013)
  34. A good and enjoyable birthday party on 2/2013 (2/27/2013)
  35. That it wasn’t snowing on my birthday (2/27/2013)
  36. That my mom knows how to manage money well (2/27/2013)
  37. Going shopping with friends at Half Price Books (written on 3/17/2013)
  38. My brother making tacos for me (3/17/2013)
  39. My brother in general (3/17/2013)
  40. Pastor Frank’s patience with me (3/17/2013)
  41. Laughter (3/17/2013)
  42. Pastor Frank’s reading guide (6/2/2013)
  43. Humor (6/2/2013)
  44. That my friend was OK after being in an accident (6/2/2013)
  45. A new job (that hopefully will last!) ( written on 7/9/2013)
  46. A good vacation (7/9/2013)
  47. God’s faithfulness to me (7/9/2013)
  48. A dream as a teaching tool for me (written 8/17/2013)
  49. Strength (8/17/2013)
  50. A new day (8/17/2013)
  51. Good friends that care ( written on 2/9/2014) (Still true today—2/2018!)
  52. A convicting sermon (2/9/2014)
  53. A sunny day (2/9/2014)
  54. Great prayer warriors (written on 2/28/2014)
  55. Pay raise at my job (written 2/28/2014)
  56. That someone I know is out of the hospital (2/28/2014)
  57. Time with my friends at Olive Garden celebrating my birthday (written on 2/28/2014)
  58. The IF: Gathering last weekend (written on 2/13/2015)
  59. That my dad brought Chinese food (2/13/2015)
  60. That God is with us now even at our darkest (2/13/2015)
  61. That there is an alternative romantic movie for those that don’t like Fifty Shades series, called “Old Fashioned” (written 3/1/2016)
  62. Good friends who love me to celebrate my birthday with (3/1/2016)
  63. The love jar from my friend E. (3/1/2016)
  64. Good food from one of my favorite restaurants (3/1/2016)
  65. That God healed me out of my stomach issues that was bad last week (3/1/2016)
  66. Good times with family (written on 7/12/2016)
  67. A day of rest from work (7/12/2016)
  68. A job (my current job—note made 2/2018) (7/12/2016)
  69. God’s hand working through my work relationships (7/12/2016)
  70. A bright, sunny day (7/12/2016)
  71. My friend K and her friendship (written 7/22/2016)
  72. Pens that work (7/22/2016)
  73. A full time job (at my current job—as of 9/2016) written on 3/29/2017
  74. My co-worker’s jokes (3/29/2017)
  75. Sunshine (3/29/2017)
  76. Joy and laughter (3/29/2017)
  77. A God who cares and is always there for me (3/29/2017)
  78. Good temperatures (written on 4/18/2017)
  79. A chance to relax (day off work) (4/18/2017)
  80. Good memories (4/18/2017)
  81. Being alive! (written on 6/14/2017)
  82. A good church (6/14/2017)
  83. Fruit cocktail on a hot day (6/14/2017)
  84. My brother’s cat (written on 11/19/2017)
  85. Getting to talk to my brother on Skype (11/19/2017)
  86. A good sermon by my current pastor (11/19/2017)
  87. Staying in my department (11/19/2017)
  88. My current manager I (11/19/2017)
  89. A great sermon today by my current pastor (written on 1/14/2018)
  90. Bright sunshine on a cold day (1/14/2018)
  91. Heat in our house on a cold day (1/14/2018)
  92. Warmer temperatures (written on 1/24/2018)
  93. Time for reconciliation (1/24/2018)
  94. Help from co-workers yesterday (1/24/2018)
  95. My manager Chris * (Not his real name) talking me out of staying at work longer last night because he cared about my safety in the snowstorm (written 2/9/2018)
  96. That I’m not out on the road driving with this monster snowstorm (2/9/2018)
  97. Answered prayers for a friend who is very sick. (2/9/2018)
  98. More time to get things done around the house (2/9/2018)

These are the things that I’ve compiled so far (there is so much more—I’m sure!) that I’m thankful for. You can start a list like mine today and put next to each item you are thankful for, the date when the good thing occurred (that you are thankful for) and look to this list when you feel discouraged or upset. See how much you have been brought out of and how many blessings have filled your life. If I made a more comprehensive thanksgiving list, there would be more things than papers and time to fill it! May you be encouraged today!

9 thoughts on “I’m thankful for (a list)”

  1. I loved this!!!! I think sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simplest of things. We are so blessed to be alive, and breathing and to have a wonderful life. Very well written! Thank you for this list!


  2. Really wonderful that you feel so much gratitude! Not just for the big things, but even the seemingly small ones that can make a notable difference. It’s all in the attitude of the receiver.


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