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Things That Inspire Me and Why

In a previous post, I wrote about the top ten people in my life that inspire me. Though I believe people are most important, these other creatures and things also play a pivotal role in making this world a better place.  Here are some things (in no particular order) that inspire me about life, or that I find beautiful and wonderful, and why they inspire me:

  1. Sunshine—I love sunshine because, to me, it represents hope and God’s light. When I see the sun in the sky, I feel much happier and alive, than when it is dark and dreary outside.  I love the sun because it lights up everything around it and envelops me in warmth.
  2. Flowers-–I love flowers of all shapes and sizes. They not only beautify the earth but also give off much-needed oxygen for us humans.
  3. Waterfalls-The strength and sheer power in the waterfalls that I have seen in my life are just amazing! Not only do they grace this earth with beauty and God’s power, but I believe that they are one of the most interesting phenomena in nature.
  4. The Internet—I love the Internet because it has the power to connect people who may otherwise never meet. Though there are evils on the internet, I believe that the Internet also can be used for very good purposes. For instance, families and friends who are separated by distance can stay in touch and encourage one another with such applications like Skype and Facebook Video.  Also, the Internet can be used to track and apprehend criminals and advocate for justice and love.
  5. Music that glorifies God and encourages others.—I love music that touches your emotions like no other medium can, in a positive way. For instance, I love the group Casting Crowns, because their music communicates depth to me and makes me think about the life I’m living more and the impact it has on others.
  6. Teddy Bears—I love Teddy Bears because they are used to comfort people, especially children and are so cute. They inspire me because of what they represent—love, encouragement, and being a comfort to others.
  7. Moominmamma, of Moomin fame.—(What are Moomins? See this link) Besides Moomintroll, I love Moominmama because she never worries about things, and she always tries to see the positive side of things. For instance, when her son, Moomintroll, had a lot of guests in her home and had to use a lot of resources, she wasn’t upset at all, but said, “ Thank goodness that you took care of the people, so I wasn’t put to shame.” (Jansson, 132-from Moominland Midwinter)
  8. Electricity—I love that I am privileged to be able to have electricity in my home. I love how electricity makes almost everything run, and how it never seems to run out.  It even makes the Internet work!
  9. Trees—Trees inspire me by how they can stand tall without falling over (unless they are dying) and how beautiful and unique each tree’s leaves are.  I like how they give off oxygen and how they are so stately and how big some of them are and/or will become.
  10. Dogs—Dogs inspire me because of their loyalty and friendliness to humans. I love how dogs greet their owners and stand by them when their owners need their presence. This is how people should be to each other as well—loyal and kind.
  11. Cats—Cats inspire me because of their agility and their adaptability to different situations. My brother has a cat, and this cat is very agile and has been both indoors and outdoors, and so far seems to be able to adapt to both.

These are some of the things that inspire me, either in or of themselves or what they represent to me. Many of these things have qualities that people can emulate in some way or admire. What are some things that inspire you? Why? Please feel free to discuss in comments.

14 thoughts on “Things That Inspire Me and Why”

  1. I truly loved reading your inspiring post…. it’s such a beautiful reminder of how we should be grateful for the blessings we have in our lives…


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