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Things I Learned From the Movie “I’m Not Ashamed”

As of this writing (July 5, 2017–publication will come later), I watched the movie “I’m Not Ashamed.” Although it is slow in parts, this was a pretty good movie and has taught me some very important lessons in life. This movie is based on the true-life story of Columbine martyr, Rachel Scott, whose life of faith and love has inspired me to pattern my life after hers. I also consider her to be one of my five faith heroes I list on my blog’s front page.  Here’s what I learned about life through the telling of Rachel Scott’s story through this movie:

  1. Love, compassion, and perseverance go a long way.—Rachel’s love, compassion, and perseverance not only in this movie but also in her real life, have also inspired many (like me) to pattern their lives after hers.  For instance, Rachel sees a guy taking the pizza from her youth group and was looking standoffish, and then he quickly leaves. Instead of ignoring him, she follows him into the street where he incidentally was living and confronts him.  He later tells her that his name is Nate and to basically leave him alone. Knowing something is off about him, she persists and when he tries to steal food from a store to feed his ailing mom, she volunteers to pay for them with her meager paycheck.  She doesn’t just stop there but continues to show him love and compassion as he eventually accepts Christ and grows in his faith. He then ends up helping her through tough times too.  Also, when Rachel’s best friend Madison steals her then-boyfriend Alex, and Rachel catches them making out together, Rachel, by the end of the movie, ends up sending Madison a note of compassion and forgiveness for having betrayed her (Rachel).  Most people when betrayed would either try to take vengeance on the offender or stay away from them and cut off relations completely with them. However, Rachel persisted in showing kindness and forgiveness to Madison even after she was betrayed by Madison. By the end of the movie, Madison also is touched by the forgiveness and love Rachel showed her before she (Rachel) died.
  2. Christians are not perfect.–Rachel was not the perfect Christian. She got in trouble by drinking and smoking with her girlfriends and her attempts to pursue a popular, attractive guy in school put her in situations where she wasn’t comfortable.  She snuck out of her parents’ house–probably more than once. In the movie,  it was even shown that Rachel attempted suicide once by jumping off a bridge near her home because she was so depressed. This does not mean us Christians are  “bad” or “evil” people, but like everyone else, we come with problems and baggage. However, like I explained in #1,  Rachel picked the dust off her feet, so to speak, and tried to do better next time, just like we all do, regardless of belief or lack thereof.
  3. Everyone has a story.–In the movie, Rachel’s story was intertwined with those of her killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Also, there were snippets of the story of Nate, Alex, and several of Rachel’s friends. The point is, though, that everyone has a life story, and if we care about changing the world for the positive, we need to listen to these stories! Sure we can’t “fix” everyone’s problems, and we probably shouldn’t always be trying to either, but if we know where people are coming from and their life goals and motivation, maybe we can encourage and support them better.  Also, knowing other people’s stories helps us not only understand them better but also our own life story and how theirs can intersect beautifully with theirs.  For instance, I believe God is using the people I work with, especially one of my managers, to help create not only a better life story for me, but also for them as well.

Though no one is perfect or better than another human being, showing love and compassion like Rachel Scott did will go a long way to change our world for the better.  However, we must persevere even when life gets difficult in order to see results.  We must also learn others’ stories to help not only we understand them better, but also ourselves better. Be a light to this world; it may just start a chain reaction!

15 thoughts on “Things I Learned From the Movie “I’m Not Ashamed””

  1. I just love movies or books that inspire us to be better! I always say, “everyone has a story,” which makes all people so interesting. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and who knows, maybe I’ll be a part of their story one day.


  2. This definitely seems like a really interesting story. I’ve never heard of this but I can tell you that I agree, it’s so important to show compassion in your life. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Though I am not religious, I can agree with you that no one in this world is perfect. I think the best thing when dealing with each other is knowing that we all have a story, and in order to work in harmony we need to have compassion and understanding for those going through rough times. It is easy to get caught up in technology and everyones need to be as perfect as possible, but in the end if we all strive to be better than everyone else I personally feel that it’ll lead to a very lonely world. Sounds like a really interesting film, I always enjoy storylines that make you think not only about what the world can do to change but how to find change within.


  4. Very interesting! I have never seen this movie but seems enlightening. I agree, every has a story so we shouldn’t judge immediately as we don’t know what drives them to act the way they do. We also need to acknowledge that it’s okay to be imperfect.

    Mae |


  5. I think this world needs a little more compassion. I, for one, would not bother to reach out to anyone who I think needs help unless that person asks for help. It is so sad that Rachel died. We need that kid of person in this world. -katrina centeno


    1. Yesterday, I watched a movie that was much slower, and it was a kid’s movie. However, if you like thought-provoking movies then you will probably like “I’m Not Ashamed”! Some people don’t like this movie, but I loved it.


  6. So, I’ve never seen or heard of this movie but your post makes me want to check it out. I am a Christian also and sometimes we forget how far compassion goes. We forget to lead with love and that is what our faith is literally based on. Good post, made me reflect.


  7. I love how thoughtful your reflections are to that movie! So many people watch a movie and move on. Thank you for sharing how it changed you! It definitely sounds like a movie worth watching.


  8. This movie sounds very interesting! I hadn’t heard of it, but I think I need to check it out. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    – Sarah Camille //


  9. I think it’s crucial to remember “everyone has a story” and I try to not only remember that myself in my daily walk but also preach it to those around me. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s mind or daily struggles – our compassion and love can make the world of difference. love this post!


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