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What I Learned From My Manager

Disclaimer: Only positive comments, please! All negative comments towards my manager, myself, or others will be deleted! Also, my manager has given me permission to write about this.

Every person you meet will teach you at least one thing, whether they are good or bad, and what they teach you is not always what you expect. The following lessons are three things that we (me included) can all learn in life in order to be truly successful and joyful, though these may be difficult lessons to learn. I learned these lessons in my interactions with this person and in the situations which I have found myself:

Caring about and investing in other people is almost always worth the investment.–One of the issues I came across during this tough week was whether or not caring for anyone was even worth it, and would people even notice or care? Now, I don’t just care for others so I will get something back, but everyone does want to feel at least a little bit appreciated for the good they have done to others. Because my manager Chris* (NOT his real name) cares about his workers and about what is happening in their lives, many people respect him in return. Of course, the return on his investment may not come immediately, but some people are known to want to care for him in return because of the investment he has made in them.
Work diligently and you will reap the rewards.–Sometimes I think my hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even when I wanted to give up, Chris still encouraged me to go further and not give up on the work ahead, myself, him, or others. Chris always works hard as a manager and as a person. Because he does and doesn’t give up when things are tough, people take notice and some of the higher-ups are working to promote him to an even higher position in our company. Because I was encouraged by Chris and others at my job to excel, I was even more motivated to work hard. This is how I got a raise a few months ago.
Understand the situation.–There have been many challenging situations that Chris and I have had to deal with since I was first hired. Chris taught me things would have been easier to deal with had I understood the big picture of what was going on! If you believe in God or a Higher Power, how often do we, when we are going through something difficult, lose sight of the good God was trying to do through us? How much easier it would be for us if we could see and not lose sight of the good lessons God (or anyone else) is trying to teach us, beforehand! I don’t know why, but it is often only after the tough situation has passed (at least for me), that we can see the situation more clearly. For instance, I thought a lot of people were only trying to hurt me. However, when I realized that a.) they may have only been reacting to the hurt and anger they had felt in their own lives that had nothing or had very little to do with me. b.) they weren’t thinking to hurt me, but were actually trying to help me–or themselves, things became much clearer and not as bad.
These are the biggest lessons my manager Chris has taught me. There are of course many others, but these are the most important, I think. I hope you, the reader, can take away something from these and apply them to your own lives, so you will be able to be more joyful and successful. What lessons has your boss or manager taught you (if you are working)? What lessons have your loved ones or friends taught you? Please feel free to share in the comments.

12 thoughts on “What I Learned From My Manager”

  1. I have worked with my boss for 15 years and I have learnt about commitment and sheer passion for the job. My boss also will protect and back up her staff which is so important as she genuinely cares


  2. Your manager sounds like an extremely compassionate and forward-thinking individual. Thank you for sharing this, and providing some inspiration for when I, as you describe, become distracted from the right path.


  3. All wise words! It sounds like you have a positive relationship with your manager and it’s great you could provide some insight here in the blogging sphere about qualities of a good leader. I’ve worked in management positions myself and definitely agree understanding and investing in employees as people (not just numbers or numerical investments) is so critical.


  4. I so love this post! The Manager st my last job was not the best. While she was a Manager, she wasn’t a leader and it took me quite awhile to learn to deal with her. You are so right about #3! When I take a moment to see what God is trying to show me, I feel so much better. I also try to remember one of my favorite songs called Intentional. One of the lines in that song is, “All things are working for my good. He’s intentional, never failing.”


  5. I love these thoughts! Also, I think it’s super important to remember that at the end of the day…work is just work. You need to leave it behind when you go home!


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