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Why I Work

Disclaimer: There will be religious/Christian content. Please no disparaging or snarky comments on this post, or it will be deleted. Thank you, and happy reading….

Types of workThere are three primary types of work that I may refer to, these are:

  1. Paid Work- This is typically what most people consider a “job,” whether it is part time, full time, or by contract.  It is usually, but not always, outside the home, and usually provides one’s income.
  2. Household Chores-This is what people do to maintain the home they live in. These can include, but are not limited to, such things as taking out the trash, dish washing, cleaning the house, laundry, and cooking.
  3. Emotional work-This is the work it takes to interact with another person. It may involve such things as taking care of an elderly person or child, interacting with a boss or a client, or even one’s family and friends.

Why I work:

I am blessed to have a paid job, but I will also refer to the other two types of work, where applicable, as well.  However, my primary focus will be on my paid job.

1.) To glorify God-–For all three types of work I do, I do them (hopefully) to glorify God. I believe that since God sacrificed and was and is willing to go the distance for me, I should be willing to do the same for Him.  This is why I aim to do everything I can do to work heartily and with all my heart. When I do my paid work, I want to be sure to do the very best I can. When I do household chores, I want to do the best I can not only because I want where I live to look neat and livable, but also because doing my best glorifies God. I am willing to put in the effort in my relationships not just so people will like and respect me, but because that is how Jesus lived as well, and I want to glorify God in my relationships with others too.

2.) To serve others– I don’t just want to work at my paid job to earn money, although that is important too, but also to make a positive difference in others’ lives as well.  When I help a customer, I don’t want to do it just to get some promotion, but also to make the customer feel cared for and happy.  When I do what a manager tells me to, it’s not just to impress them, but also to help serve them so that they can get everything done they need to without me being a distraction or hindrance to their goals.  When I do a favor for a fellow associate, it’s not just to get brownie points from them, but to help make their job easier and more satisfying. I don’t just want to live for myself, because that is unfulfilling to me. When I take the time to invest in my relationships with others, it’s not just so people will love me, although that may be a nice “side-effect,” but so others may know God’s love and also to help them feel loved and appreciated. Also, when I die, I want to leave a legacy for others to want to follow, not one that they will frown at in disgust.

3.) To be able to provide for my family and myself, and to give some to others– This is the reason most people want to have or have a paid job.  Yes, God does provide for me through my job and I am so grateful for that. However, if my family needs something, I also want to be able to help them out. I also want to be able to give to the church and others who may need some help, so that they won’t lack what they need. This is also to glorify God.


These are the three main reasons why I work. Though I do work my paid job for a paycheck, that is not the only or even primary reason why I work. Personally, I think God has put me in the places where I frequent: Work, church, home, other places, not by accident, but to give me ample opportunities to share His love there.

4 thoughts on “Why I Work”

  1. I hate the idea that we have to defend the concept that people should work; particularly if they’re women. I hate the idea that the only people who should work is men. There are a lot of careers that benefit by having women working and people who are made more comfortable for it. Christianity should let people follow their own passions – it would make for a healthier church and happier congregation rather than bind them to rules that make no sense.


  2. Of course, women can work! I am a woman myself, and I have a paid job. I don’t think the only people that should work are men. Definitely and absolutely NOT! I also believe that women should have equal pay for the same type of work as men. That a court recently ruled that companies can give lower pay to women for the same type of work as men is disheartening and unfair to me! What do you mean by “letting people follow their own passions”? If you mean following their dreams to improve this world, then wholeheartedly, “yeah!,” but if it involves immoral activity that would hurt others, then no. What rules in the church are you thinking about that you don’t think make sense? I agree that some rules in some churches are man-made, and aren’t really what the Bible was intending at all! I think they are flawed, and not really effective churches at all. However, some rules are in place because it would make people happier and healthier in the long run.


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