It is 30 something degrees (Fareinheit) outside. Rainsnow (a.k.a sleet) is pouring down (or was) during today, making for hazardous driving conditions. I am fighting a cold.  Some of my family have to drive in this rainsnow. But despite everything that has gone on this week, I am grateful.

First of all, I am grateful that I don’t have to work today. It may sound weird, being that people pride themselves on being able to earn money and be productive. But  not working, means that I am allowed much needed rest from the cold I’m having. Not working means that I’m not risking my life or health driving in these treacherous conditions to get to work.

I am also grateful for this cold, for it is a reminder for me to rest in God and not to go about my day forgetting about Him or who He is, and an opportunity that even though I am physically (and spiritually) weak, that He is strong in all those ways.

I have also had the opportunity to watch Gratitude by Nichole Nordeman and be reminded that even though God may not always give me what I desire or what I think I need, God always provided me with what I truly did need.

So, no matter what you are going through, where you are in life, what tragedies may have befallen you this year, this is a reminder to you (and me) to be grateful for every blessing that God has provided.

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